Marix Ecology 4×4 for off-road vehicles: “zero oil” compounds and affordability

Certified quality retreaded tyres can represent a winning solution for all those who use off-road vehicles for work (construction, shipbuilding, agriculture, rescue and civil protection). Thanks to their efficiency and ability to contain both operating costs – which are so important during these times of economic crisis – and the environmental impact, the Marix Ecology off-road retread line enables us to reduce costs by 40% more than similar new products without cutting back on quality. 

Designed by Marangoni to meet the needs of a very diversified clientele, the Marix Ecology 4×4 series offers 9 different lines of retreaded tyres that were developed to meet the different usage needs of our customers. People who use four-wheel drive vehicles may also need tyres that can be used off-road in 90% of the cases or even on roads for 95% of the time, such as SUV or crossover users. For this reason, tyres that are destined to spend more time off-roads are made by obtaining an elevated level of resistance against the tears and lacerations that can arise from driving on rough terrains, while those destined to be used more on roads must guarantee high mileage performance and excellent traction when roads are wet. Obviously, there is also a line of winter tyres to complete this already quite extensive offer. 

During times when customers are more cost-aware, choosing a retreaded tyre for off-road vehicles also requires a special value. Modern retreaded tyres not only cost less, but their quality is comparable to that of new ones. 
They undergo the same tests that are performed on new tyres. 
A quality that, in the case of the Marix Ecology 4×4 retreads, is certified by TÜV and approved under the ECE ONU 108R regulation. The Marix Ecology 4×4 retreads are, in fact, produced and marketed by Marangoni, a global “leader” of the industry. 

One of the qualifying aspects of the Marix Ecology 4×4 series is that Marangoni develops and produces specific compounds for retreaded tyres that are destined to be used off-road by reducing the environmental impact of these tyres in accordance with new European regulations. In fact, only “zero oil” compounds – made with ecological oils that do not leave any traces of residues that could pollute soils – are used to make this series. Obviously, this is done without neglecting all of the other aspects such as grip, durability and safety, which are considered essential by all 4×4 vehicle owners. 

Marix Ecology 4×4 series, a glance at 

Panther. New all season studdable tread suitable for all types of terrain. Good traction on wet or snowy surfaces. Excellent lateral grip. A wedged bi-directional design for maximum low noise reduction and to ensure a comfortable driving experience. Speed code Q, S and T, which means it is approved for up to 160, 180 and 190 km/h. 

Ghepard. HP tyre for SUVs with excellent comfort and a maximum grip level in all conditions thanks to the use of high-performance special compounds. It is a symmetrical tread with 5 ribs that has been developed to obtain high performance on asphalted roads (speed code H and V, which means it is approved for up to 210 and 240 km/h). This tread pattern provides safe grip on the road, a comfortable driving experience and lower fuel consumption costs. 

Chasseur. A tread that is suitable for all types of terrains. Good traction on wet, muddy or snowy surfaces. Optimal lateral grip and flotation. A bi-directional design specifically suitable for driving on extreme off-road terrains. Speed code Q, which means it is approved for up to 160 km/h. 
This tyre has had very positive feedback from professional users for its high performance level. The series is being further expanded. 

Lion. The aggressive design makes it specifically suitable for extreme off-road use. The directional tread unites a double band of central nubs with oversized sculptures on the shoulder to ensure an excellent traction on all terrains. Speed code Q and S, which means it is approved for up to 160 and 180 km/h. 

Puma. Tyre mainly for off-road use. It is suitable for extreme terrain conditions and it is characterised by a unidirectional design with pronounced wedges that ensure optimal traction in all conditions. Speed code Q, S and T (or 160, 180 and 190 km/h). 

MPC. Off-road studdable tyres suitable for all types of use. The thick sipes ensure good traction and grip action on all surfaces mainly under winter conditions. The longitudinal channels favour the expulsion of water and snow, which is needed to obtain an excellent driving comfort and the lowest amount of noise possible. The special thermal compound provides a maximum grip level even under the coldest temperatures. Speed codes S and T (up to 180 and 190 km/h). 

Ecoland Plus. A 4×4 tyre that is suitable for any use. The tread design offers optimal performance levels even on very wet or snowy terrains thanks to the wavy siping of the wedges that follow the transversal profile. It especially performs well on roads. Speed codes S and T (up to 180 and 190 km/h). 

Ecoland. Off-road tyre that can be used on all difficult terrains and at the same time ensure good performance levels on roads. The tread’s profile, which is characterised by an effective empty/full ratio, guarantees optimal flotation and traction on sandy and muddy surfaces. It is also suitable for snowy or sandy surfaces. Speed codes Q, S and T (160, 180 and 190 km/h). 
It is particularly suited to equip pick-up trucks used for work. 

Cruise. It is an innovative tyre that can also be used on SUVs to maximize comfort, precision and stability under any driving condition. 
This tyre is mostly for road use. Speed code S, T and H (180, 190 and 210 km/h). 

NOTE: All Marix Ecology 4×4 are M+S approved for winter use. The percentages reported on the product’s description, for example 50%-50%, advice users whether the tyre’s characteristics are for on or off-road use. 

The Marix brand for all of Marangoni’s retreads. 

The Marix brand was introduced by the Marangoni group several years ago to indicate the lines of retreads for cars, light trade vehicles and 4×4’s and it will soon characterise all retreaded tyres that are industrially produced by the company in Rovereto. Thus, it will also be for used for commercial, quarry and construction vehicles as well as for buses, coaches and earth-moving vehicles. The retreading process used in the Marangoni establishment of Rovereto to produce all Marix tyres relies on the most advanced quality processes at all levels for quite some time. In addition to the mandatory approvals needed, Marangoni has several other certifications such as the quality certification ISO 9001 2008, the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and the TUV certification.

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