Marangoni Retreading Systems returns to the Benelux

The major changes seen in the retreading industry in recent years, together with the considerable progress Marangoni Retreading Systems has made in aligning its offering to customer needs, have driven growth in the presence of Marangoni around the world.

Specifically, Marangoni Retreading Systems is pleased to announce its return to the Dutch and Belgian markets after several years of marginal presence, the result of the prestigious partnership agreement stipulated with Profile Tyrecenter, one of the leading associations of tyre resellers in the Benelux.

After having operated a number of small retreading plants in Belgium and the Netherlands for more than 20 years, Marangoni Retreading Systems will now expand its business in this demanding area, following the evolution of the tyre market with the cooperation of the biggest local tyre fitting network.

Profile Tyrecenter is a franchise organisation of independent tyre dealers in the Benelux. These independent tyredealers are franchisees of Profile Tyrecenter and are also shareholders of the central organisation of Profile Tyrecenter. The network of Profile Tyrecenter in the Benelux consist of more than 200 sales points, 300 mobile service units and 1.400 operators. Profile Tyrecenter is also participant in TEN, (Tyre European Network) which is represented in 14 countries with a network of more than 3.400 sales points.

“The partnership with Marangoni Retreading Systems”, stated René Van Maasakkers, director of Profile Tyrecenter Truck Europe, “was established not only out of the desire to maintain our independence, something that’s essential to guarantee balance in our relationships with new tyre manufacturers, but also the possibility to offer users a product that’s exclusive and of the highest quality, using state-of-the-art RINGTREAD technology”.

The decision to choose Marangoni as a partner was made with the objective of future growth in terms of profitability, sales and market share. The contract between the Italian company and Profile Tyrecenter involves exclusive management of the RINGTREAD brand in the Benelux.

The RINGTREAD product will, on behalf of Profile Tyrecenter, be manufactured by the Profile Retread Company Frapa.

FRAPA, based in Venlo, a founding partner in Profile Tyrecenter, has now converted to RINGTREAD technology, and with 40 years’ experience in retreading is considered a benchmark in the Dutch industry.

Profile Retread Company FRAPA expressed its own satisfaction with this new deal. “The partnership with Marangoni will provide our customers the best that retreading has to offer: RINGTREAD is the only circular retread. It adheres perfectly to the tyre casing, without joints and any tension or deformation, while ensuring faster processing, less waste, and performance that’s the same if not better than offered by a new tyre”.

The tests conducted have shown how RINGTREAD can guarantee significant fuel savings on vehicles operating over long distances when compared against similar patterns made by the competition, meaning lower costs amounting to several hundred thousand euro a year.

RINGTREAD will be the choice of all the main users. DSV one of the leading European logistic companies, has already signed a contract with Profile Tyrecenter Truck Europe to use RINGTREAD products in the Benelux. 

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