Marangoni presents its 2011 range of car tyres at Autopromotec

New for the 2011 summer season

New for the 2011 summer season is the Marangoni M-Power, designed for the latest sports cars and the most prestigious SUVs. Thanks to its innovative asymmetrical tread with optimised block binding system, M-Power is a tyre with extremely progressive handling, designed for a sporting drive with maximum comfort, fast but at the same time precise and safe, able to guarantee maximum grip, exceptional road holding when cornering and minimum braking distance. The four longitudinal grooves also reduce the typical aquaplaning effect of closed sporting patterns. M-Power has been designed to highlight the power of high performance sports cars, and combines meticulous scientific research, Marangoni’s extensive racing experience and the latest production methods. M-Power is also available in a version specifically designed for high performance SUVs.
The Marangoni M-Power range for cars includes nine 19” and 20” sizes, from 255/35 ZR19 to 295/25 ZR20, while the version for SUVs includes five 19” and 20” sizes, from 255/50 R19 to 275/40 R 20.

New for the 2011-2012 winter season

New for the coming winter season is the Marangoni 4 WINTER COMM, designed for light transport and previewed at Autopromotec.
Developed using the 4WD technological platform, 4Winter Comm has been designed to ensure safety through exceptional grip on snow and on mixed or wet surfaces in the coldest months of the year.
To create 4 Winter Comm, Marangoni has combined the experience acquired in the development of the new e-comm light commercial tyres with the 4WD (4 Winter Driving) winter technology. Underpinned by the characteristics of reliability and comfort developed with e-comm, 4 Winter Comm offers additional performance on snow and ice that puts it at the top of the market.
Designed to provide the maximum in extreme winter conditions, the special pattern of longitudinal grooves nonetheless ensures a perfect balance between resistance to aquaplaning and grip on snow, making 4 Winter Comm a high performance tyre also on the mixed or wet surfaces that are typical of the transition seasons. The new tread compound with low hysteresis and high grip gives the tyre extremely safe road behaviour, even on icy surfaces where braking and traction performance make the real difference.
The Marangoni 4 Winter comm range includes 13 sizes, from 195/60 R16 to 215/75 R16.

The Marangoni car tyre range

Marangoni offers a competitive and complete range of tyres, with products designed to respond to the specific needs of all types of car.

Performance, as well as safety and comfort are guaranteed by Marangoni’s ultra high performance tyres, which in addition to the new M-Power include the Mythos and Zeta Linea, established classics in the Marangoni UHP range, benchmark products for drivers who want a taste of performance in complete safety. Mythos is ideal for coupes and high-performance sedans, while Zeta Linea, designed for medium-segment sports cars, is the perfect response to European tuning requirements.
For cars that drive on motorways and city streets every day, Marangoni offers Verso and e-logic, for mid-segment and city and utility cars respectively, comfortable and safe tyres designed to ensure significant energy saving and a low environmental impact. The summer range is completed by Maxò, an all-season
tyre ideal for modern mid-range SUV s, that offers incredibly balanced performance in all weather conditions.
For light transport applications Marangoni proposes e-comm, designed to respond to the requirements of the light transport sector, guaranteeing cost savings and high mileage, comfort and driving pleasure.

The Marangoni winter range is designed to ensure exceptionally balanced performance in all conditions, not only on snow and ice, but also on wet and dry winter roads.
For medium- and high-power cars and the latest SUVs Marangoni proposes Meteo HP and Meteo HP SUV, while 4Winter is ideal for city and utility cars. The range is completed by the Meteo Grip E+ studdable tyres, for mid-sized and small cars, and 4 ICE E+, the winter tyre designed to take on the extreme climates of Nordic countries, also available in a version specifically designed for SUVs. Finally, 4 WINTER comm is the brand-new winter tyre designed for light transport applications.

Defining elements of the Marangoni product range are a strong commitment to technological research and testing through motor racing, activities that ensure constant evolutions aimed at guaranteeing the best combination of safety, performance and comfort.
All Marangoni tyres are designed, developed and made in Italy.

All Marangoni tyres are guaranteed for life

The Lifetime Warranty, which Marangoni has been offering on all its products for over a decade, is not limited to protecting the consumer against manufacturing defects, as required by the legislation in force, but also covers all damage due to normal use on the road: irreparable punctures, collisions against pavements, holes in the road and any other types of damage. If the amount of wear of the damaged tyre is less than 20%, it is replaced, completely free of charge, with a new one. Otherwise, the customer is charged according to the amount of tread consumed.

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