Marangoni Earth Moving Retreaded Tyres

The excellent results achieved by the company in the field of compounds are also the consequence of significant investments made by Marangoni into research and development. A highly qualified team combines innovation capacity and technical skills when choosing the materials used.
Thanks to the careful selection and repair of the casing, and to the compounds and tread patterns used, the performance of Marangoni retreads are equivalent to new tyres of premium brands.
Testing durability and resistance to heating directly on the working surface verifies how well the compound withstands different conditions, from use less hard till extremely hard conditions.


Non-directional tread pattern designed for retreading bias casings suitable for industrial service applications.
The special tread compound guarantees maximum resistance abrasion and heat development with excellent cost reduction.
Range: 18.00×25 / 18.00×33 News


Back in the 1950s Marangoni had already recognised the enormous advantages that retreaded tyres could represent not only for users but also for conserving the environment.
Over these last 60 years Marangoni has invested human resources, time and money into achieving excellence across the entire retreading process: the compounds, technology and machinery used are all made by the Group in-house, and are constantly tested and upgraded at the Marangoni Research and Development Centre.
The wide range of earthmoving tyres represents the synthesis of the intense product development work
conducted in the field, with the aim to best satisfy our customers’ needs.
It’s this business intuition that has led the Marangoni Group to be recognised as a world leader in retreading.

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