Marangoni M-Power is on the web

The new Marangoni M-Power website, dedicated to their new ultra high performance tyre is now online. Designed by the Italian manufacturer to maximise the performance of super cars, sports cars and luxury SUVs, M-Power demonstrates the result of Marangoni’s sizeable investments in technology and research.

The site,, uses attractive and dynamic graphics to describe the new product, the range, what’s supplied and the design technology used. However the big news is the section on driving experiences, with videos, texts and images used to present feedback from four professional drivers, each with different background and experience, Franz Engstler, Simone Faggioli, Cristiano del Balzo and Nathan Freke, who tested the new Marangoni M-Power on four high performance cars: a Porsche Carrera 4S, a Lamborghini Gallardo, an Audi S5 and an Audi R8.

Marangoni M-Power, a tyre with a sporting soul, the synthesis of performance and comfort, exclusivity and everyday driving pleasure, combines meticulous scientific research, Marangoni’s extensive racing experience and the latest production methods.
Thanks to its innovative asymmetrical tread with optimised block binding system, Marangoni M-Power is a tyre with extremely progressive handling, able to communicate precisely to drivers exactly what’s happening with their vehicle, in whatever situation.
Marangoni M-Power is not just progressive handling however, but rather the combination of an effective balance between driving performance, comfort and safety.

Precision, fast response, high speed before aquaplaning, low noise, maximum grip, exceptional road hold when cornering and minimum braking distances: these are Marangoni M-Power’s outstanding features.
All this is possible thanks to the application of the new M-Tech technological platform, developed by Marangoni for the design of high performance tyres with progressive handling and fast response. In practice this also means specialized control and great care in the production processes and in the preparation of materials.

Given the product’s exclusive nature, original packaging has been designed for the Marangoni M-Power, including a special high-strength fabric cover that protects the tyre tread until it’s fitted on the car, as well as being useful for storing the Marangoni M-Power in winter.

Marangoni M-Power, like all Marangoni tyres, is conceived, designed and made in Italy.

The Marangoni M-Power range

Marangoni M-Power is available in 14 different sizes with W and Y speed ratings, for use up to maximum speeds of 270 and 300 km/h respectively.

The Marangoni M-Power range for cars features 9 sizes, from 295/25 ZR20 to 255/35 ZR19 – for 19 and 20 inch wheels on modern luxury sports cars, such as the Porsche Carrera, Audi R8, S5, RS6, Lamborghini Gallardo and BMW M3.

The M-Power range for SUVs, on the other hand, comprises 5 sizes – from 255/50 R19 to 275/40 R20 – these too for 19 and 20 inch wheels designed to fit modern luxury SUVs such as the Mercedes ML, Mercedes G Class, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport, Volvo XC90, VW Touareg and Audi Q7.

M-Power for cars
Size Load index – Speed rating
295/25 ZR20 T.L. XL (95 Y)
265/30 ZR19 T.L. XL (93 Y)
275/30 ZR19 T.L. XL 96 Y
295/30 ZR19 T.L. XL 100 Y
255/30 ZR20 T.L. XL 92 Y
225/35 ZR19 T.L. XL 88 Y
235/35 ZR19 T.L. XL 91 Y
245/35 ZR19 T.L. XL 93 Y
255/35 ZR19 T.L. XL 96 Y

M-Power for SUVs
Size Load index – Speed rating
275/40 R20 T.L. XL 106 Y
275/45 R19 T.L. XL 108 Y
285/45 R19 T.L. XL 111 W
275/45 R20 T.L. XL 110 Y
255/50 R19 T.L. XL 107 W

Like all Marangoni tyres, Marangoni M-Power is also guaranteed for life

The Marangoni Lifetime Warranty is not limited to protecting the consumer against manufacturing defects, as required by legislation in force, but rather goes much, much further.
The Lifetime Warranty offered by Marangoni on all its products for over a decade now also covers all damage deriving from normal use on the road: punctures, collisions against footpaths or pavements, holes in the road and any other types of damage. Moreover, if the damaged tyre is less than 20% worn, it is replaced, completely free of charge, with a new one. Otherwise, the customer is charged according to the amount of tread consumed.

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