RINGTREAD RSY397 by Marangoni retreads and timber transport? Maximum traction.

Enar Pettersson Biltrafik AB, a Swedish fleet that has been operating for many years now in the timber transport business, can be considered a perfect witness of the successful combination of high mileage and excellent traction.
Indeed, timber transport requires tyres for extreme applications, among the most difficult in Europe.

Enar Pettersson Biltrafik AB operates 200 km north of Stockholm, mostly on regional roads in winter conditions: 1000 km a day, from forest to paper mill, with trucks and trailers carrying 60 tonne loads and then returning to the forest, obviously empty.

The trucks, working 20 hours a day, are fitted with 315/80R22.5 tyres, retreaded with the Ringtread RSY397 260M pattern, approved by Yokohama and strongly recommended for extreme winter conditions.

This is a specific profile for use on drive axles that is fitted on the vehicles at the start of winter and then used over a 12-month period: in the early stages of their working life, in fact, the tyres have an aggressive pattern that ensures safe travel even in extreme conditions; subsequently, as the tread becomes worn, it has the characteristics of an all-position pattern for the last part of the 12-month period. The pattern features deep grooves and a wide footprint with semi-rounded shoulders to guarantee good mileage and excellent stability on the road, thanks to the special siping that ensures excellent control on wet, snow-covered and icy surfaces. Moreover, the range is made using HP compounds suitable for low temperatures that ensure the best possible grip on the tricky surfaces that are typical of winter. The main advantages that come from using these special compounds include better elasticity at low temperatures and reduced rolling resistance, as well as longer life of the rubber on the tread in stressful conditions. These compounds also allow the tyre to work at lower temperatures in operating conditions that cause overheating, ensuring reduced casing fatigue and longer life.

The retreads, supplied by Däckia AB, were tested during the first half of 2010. Däckia AB, the biggest Swedish tyre retreader, is one of Marangoni’s historic partners. With an extensive network of sales outlets throughout the country, it’s considered one of the most successful tyre retailers in Scandinavia.
Enar Pettersson Biltrafik AB has always sought the best compromise between mileage and traction. Following the tests, the people at Enar Pettersson Biltrafik AB said they were extremely satisfied with the performance of the tyres in mileage terms (around 5000 km/mm), but above all impressed by the excellent traction and grip that this pattern ensures.

The fleet has always used either new tyres or retreads, made by premium new tyre manufacturers, or other premium brand retreads, and while the competitors’ tyres have managed to provide good performance in terms of mileage, the fleet has never been satisfied with their reliability; this factor is fundamental, as it guarantees safe driving.

By combining excellent performance on snow and ice with exceptional traction, this new generation RINGTREAD pattern covers both regional and long distance applications.
RINGTREAD by Marangoni is the only retreading system that uses precured tread rings without joints, which adhere to the casing without producing any tension or deformation of the tread pattern and ensure excellent traction on demanding surfaces thanks to the increased precision and the directional stability of the siping and blocks.

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