Marangoni and SKN, together for tuning

Marangoni Car Tyre, the Marangoni Group division that manufactures and markets exclusively Italian-made tyres, around three years ago established an interesting partnership with SKN, a German professional tuning company.
Marangoni’s commitment to tuning has now spanned several decades, and this partnership with SKN further demonstrates how important it is to work alongside specialists in the transformation of normal production vehicles into true racing cars for the design and production of ultra high performance tyres.
SKN stands out in particular for the variety of services it offers; the German company can in fact optimise the performance of almost all makes of car, through both conventional and digital tuning, with major contracts including the preparation of vehicles for Lufthansa, Deutsche Post and various German federal and state police forces and authorities.

Several of the cars prepared by SKN and fitted with Marangoni tyres will be on show at the upcoming Essen Motorshow, to be held from 27 November to 5 December. These include a BMW Z4 35i Bi-Turbo, a Volkswagen Golf R20 and a Ford Focus RS, all fitted with the new Marangoni M-Power high performance tyres, in the sizes 235/35ZR19 e 245/35ZR19; a Volkswagen Audi A1 TFSi and a Volkswagen Polo 1,4 GTI fitted with the Marangoni Mythos, in the size 225/35ZR18.

M-Power, a tyre with a sporting soul, the synthesis of performance and comfort, exclusivity and everyday driving pleasure, is Marangoni’s latest creation and brings something completely new to the range, being the first time that Marangoni has designed a tyre specifically for luxury sports cars, to be marketed initially in fourteen 19” and 20” sizes, five of which specifically for SUVs.
The Marangoni Mythos is a road tyre that can guarantee excellent performance from all points of view: stability at high speed, grip in the wet, efficiency under braking, drivability, comfort.

Marangoni M-Power and Marangoni Mythos, like all other tyres in the Marangoni range, are strictly “made in Italy” and have been guaranteed for life, not however limited to protecting the consumer against manufacturing defects, as required by law, but also covers any damage arising from normal use on the road: punctures, collisions against footpaths or sidewalks, holes in the road and other types of problems.

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