Marix by Marangoni: the name of our retreads

The tyre business now has a new brand. Well, that’s not completely true. The Marangoni Group has decided to use the Marix brand – until now reserved for car, off-road and light commercial vehicle retreads – to represent all the products made at the factory in Rovereto (Trento), the second biggest retreading production site in Europe. Retreads for trucks and earthmoving machinery will therefore now also be branded “Marix by Marangoni”.

This new market approach means we can highlight the products made at our Rovereto plant”, explained Brenno Benaglia, Marangoni SpA Commercial & Industrial Tyres business unit sales manager, “so as to better emphasise our business in the direct retreading sector”.

The new Marix range essentially includes the Marix RP and RP 100 product lines, a series of retreads that represents the widest range of products available on the market. All these tyres are guaranteed for 5 years and use compounds designed to ensure low rolling resistance and minimum environmental impact. Worth highlighting within this range are the specialist Ecoenergy tyres that, compared to other tyres, bring fuel savings of around 2.5% when fitted on both drive and trailer axles. This is why Marix retreads are the right and competitive response to the increasingly high expectations of road transport companies and other users.

Marangoni is renowned worldwide for what it has achieved in all stages of the tyre life cycle, from production machinery to the evolution of tyre retreading”, Benaglia continued. “In more than 60 years of operations in this sector, we have acquired exceptional experience and absolute mastery over the entire retreading process. Today this makes Marangoni one of the very few retreaders in the world to work with compounds, process technology and production machinery for all types of tyre, the result of ongoing research and development”.

A vast and innovative product range, technical solutions and strategies to meet all the needs of the end user, whether public or private.
Different product technologies and the possibility to manage them as part of an integrated process means the company can satisfy all customer requirements in terms of applications and costs. The technical innovations the company has developed guarantee maximum performance focused on user needs.

Benefits of Marangoni retreads
· low rolling resistance – less fuel consumption
· less wear – longer life
· better grip and road hold in different weather conditions and with various types of road surface

Customer services
Customer support is managed by a team of specialist personnel coordinated from the Rovereto office, site of the main Marangoni Group research centre.

Fleet programs
RING24h is the Marangoni roadside service program offering a prompt response to tyre problems. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and with more than 6,000 service providers all over Europe, RING 24 h can be contacted using the same telephone number from any country in Europe.

Retreading and the environment
Tyre retreading has an important role in protecting the environment: less raw materials used and less energy consumed for production. By extending the tyre’s working life through the application of a new tread, retreading reuses the tyre casing and thus makes a substantial contribution to reducing consumption of natural resources and oil derivatives.

The important changes underway as regards standards and legislation applying to tyres, and the increasingly strict limits set to support environmentally-friendly development offer an opportunity for all operators who want to actively contribute to this process.
Constantly committed to sustainable development, the Marangoni Group implements and promotes an array of activities and technologies for managing the whole tyre life cycle.

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