“We Care: Growing together” by Marangoni Retreading Systems

“We Care: Growing together” is in fact the project that the Italian company has developed to guarantee, in addition to high-performance truck tyre retreading, technologies, products, services and programmes that together offer:
· top-quality products and processes for partners and high safety for operators,
· reduction of operating costs for the final user;
· compliance with technical and environmental regulations for both.

The aim of the project is then not “simply to supply materials for retreading”, but to provide a platform to integrate the already existing skills and develop future initiatives.

“We Care” means technologies and machines for plants of all sizes with high productivity, flexibility and automation. The experience acquired over decades of work with our customers and inside our facilities has allowed Marangoni Retreading Systems to develop an integrated approach to find the right solutions for the different problems to be faced every day in a retreading plant.

“We Care” means also a range of pre-cured products capable of meeting the requirements of all customers: the product catalogue, beside the exclusive Ringtread™, actually offers the widest and most diversified range of tread designs currently available on the market. Moreover, the different product technologies and the possibility to manage them in an integrated manner allow the retreader to meet all their customers’ needs in term of application or cost.

Marangoni’s fame in the retreading field is strictly linked to the RINGTREAD System, using the perfectly circular tread that adheres to the tyre casing with no deforming stress.

Thanks to continuous innovation in technical assistance services and in processes, Marangoni contributes to the evolution of retreading systems, to the pursuit of production efficiency and to the improvement of the finished products. Just consider the Minimizer program, the technical assistance on site and on line, the projects to eliminate the application of solutions and the R.F.ID (Radio Frequency Identification), the application of sensors on the casings to detect any failure in the retreading process and abnormal pressures during use on the road.

In the “We Care” programmes, particular attention has been paid to “Marangoni FLEET CARE”, a package of management programmes and services available to Partners for the development and management of the fleets of their customers with the aim to increase loyalty. These programmes include RING24, 24-hour roadside assistance in case of tyre failure, as well as “FLEET CARE Electronic Vehicle Inspection”, a management platform to control tyres by means of an electronic system for inspection and data processing by using a hand-held PC, and Fleet Cost Simulator, which after detecting the estimated costs of a fleet provides a simulation to optimize costs on the basis not of the purchase price but of the total life cycle of the tyre.

Finally, Marangoni Retreading Systems has developed, for its own partners, consulting programmes intended to increase efficiency and technical and managerial skills: from regular technical and process audits carried out in the customers’ plants to enhance the quality of products, compliance with European regulations and ensure the related tests are passed, to the training activities in the “Marangoni Training Lab”, including technical, business and management training courses.

The “We Care: Growing together” project is the result of Marangoni Retreading Systems’ desire to define its position and its products vis-à-vis its own partners, and clearly stand out from the competition. Moreover, it provides a valid alternative for concerted growth. 

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