Marangoni Retreaded Tyres for Earth-Movers at Reifen Essen 2010

For the earth-moving sector, Marangoni is arriving at Reifen 2010 in Essen to present some major developments in its technologies and products, particularly evident concerning new profiles and new tread compounds.

Marangoni’s evolution has also been focused on exploring new areas and different, less conventional applications. For instance, the company has confirmed and increased its attention to sectors in which retreaded tyres are rarely used, e.g. industrial and seaport goods handling activities.

This is a market segment that Marangoni already covers with a good range of products, but in which it aims to reinforce its range by means of a medium-term development program that will involve not just the tread profiles and compounds, but all the processes for assessing the casings too.

So here are some of the novelties: in the second half of 2010 there is expected to be a specific product for Reach Stackers, the 18.00-33, which will be a new addition to the current range. Also currently under development are retreaded tyres for installation on Straddle Carriers in the size 16.00-25.

Where Marangoni already has a complete range is in the large-sized tyres for the mining sector. But, here again, the company’s attention to product development is still very strong and focuses particularly on profiles and compounds specifically for different types of terrain and applications. A brilliant example is the new MRLS R profile, that can be placed alongside the MDT, with 51” rims for rigid dumpers with a carrying capacity beyond 150 tons. The size on show at Reifen 2010 in Essen is the 27.00-49 MRLS.

Marangoni thus confirms its increasingly important role as a specialist in the earth-moving sector, with a really wide range of products for all applications, and with an excellent technological and quality level.

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