Marangoni Retreaded Truck Tyres at Reifen Essen 2010

The Marangoni retreaded truck tyre is the right, competitive answer to the increasingly high demands of the road transport market.
Marangoni defines the performance level of its retreaded tyres as maximal because they are the quintessential outcome of years of experience, research and technological developments applied to the company’s core business – tyre retreading.

What makes the tyres retreaded by Marangoni unique is the company’s in-depth knowledge of the whole retreading process. Marangoni is one of the very few tyre retreading companies in the world that can take action on the compounds, the processing technologies and the machinery involved, exploiting a commitment to R&D that has been going on incessantly for 60 years.

Marangoni has always been committed to safeguarding and protecting the environment with its retreaded truck tyres, ensuring:
· a much longer life for the tyres; and
· a reduction in fuel consumption with special product ranges.

Marangoni achieves the goal of a longer tyre life by designing reinforced tread compounds that ensure a higher mileage, and by means of new technologies for designing its mould profiles.
At the same time, Marangoni is equally committed to making the best possible use of the casings, guaranteeing a longer life by continually optimising the buff contours and the tread profile.
A fundamental aspect concerns the use of compounds with a low hysteresis, which means lower working temperatures and thus preserves the mechanical resistance of the casings. This important feature had been exploited in the Marangoni retreading method for years, but it has now been applied to the Ecoenergy product ranges with a low rolling resistance too.

By comparison with the standard product, the Ecoenergy specialist ranges succeed in guaranteeing a fuel saving of approximately 2.5% (application on both the drive axle and the trailer axle).Combined together, all these characteristics form the essence of Marangoni’s truck tyre retreading technology.

At Marangoni, everything is the outcome of a day-to-day commitment, a perseverance in following up customers’ needs and recommendations for specific uses. The truck tyre is a product that is constantly evolving and generating new experiences, so improvements in the retreading process take place day by day.

Upstream from all this, there is the work of an extremely advanced R&D centre that operates today in close contact with production at the plant in Rovereto, the second-largest in Europe in the tyre retreading sector.

Marangoni’s new products are tyres that are balanced in all aspects of their performance, the outcome of a manufacturing philosophy that will soon be identified by the Marix trademark.

In the near future, all the truck tyres retreaded by Marangoni will be marked with the name Marix.

The first Marix retreaded integral truck tyre is on show at Reifen 2010 in Essen, in the MDA2+ design, size 315/80R22.5, for drive axles and long-distance applications.

The other novelties exhibited at Reifen 2010 in Essen include: the MDN2 design in the size 295/80R22.5 for drive axles and regional uses, and the M+S winter design in the size 315/70R22.5.

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