Marangoni M-Power: the new high performance tyre for supercars and SUVs

Marangoni has developed a new high performance tyre for 2010: Marangoni M-Power. This is a brand new range, designed by Marangoni for use on luxury sports cars, and also including five sizes specifically for fitment to top end SUVs. M-Power will be initially marketed in fourteen 19” and 20” sizes.

Andrea Vassura, Commercial Director at Marangoni Car Tyre, the Marangoni Group business unit that deals with the production and marketing of car tyres, stated in a recent interview: “We have always encouraged specialist solutions, focusing on designed, tested and certified quality. The excellent results achieved by the company are also the consequence of the significant investments made into identifying the best technology. Our latest challenge has been the development of two new tyre models: M-Power and e-Comm, combining excellent driving performance with comfort, safety and energy savings.

M-Power represents a very important challenge for Marangoni, as this new tyre includes all of the most advanced technology developed by the Marangoni Group. Technology that derives from research and that has led to the development of M-Tech, the innovative technological platform for designing high performance tyres with progressive handling, and that involves unmatched attention to the production process and the preparation of materials. M-Tech derives from the experience acquired in different fields of tyre application, from industrial uses to motor racing.

The application of this brand new technology has allowed the design of a tyre with a sporting soul, the synthesis of performance and comfort, exclusivity and everyday pleasure.
Thanks to its innovative asymmetrical tread with optimised block binding system, Marangoni M-Power is an extremely progressive tyre that tells the driver exactly what the vehicle’s doing at all times, in whatever situation.
The four longitudinal grooves also reduce the typical aquaplaning effect of closed sporting patterns.
M-Power can therefore be defined an essential tyre, designed for a sporting drive yet with maximum comfort, fast yet at the same time precise and safe, able to guarantee maximum hold, extreme road grip when cornering and very short braking distances.

Another important feature developed with Marangoni M-Power is the Marangoni Advanced Wear Indicator, a marker made directly on the tread that highlights the level of tyre wear and suggests the best time to rotate the tyres or when they need replacing.

Marangoni M-Power, like all tyres in the Marangoni range, is exclusively made in Italy.

The final test: the professionals’ choice

The final tests for this new tyre saw several days of trials on the track with professional drivers, who tried out the new Marangoni M-Power fitted on high performance cars with different characteristics and construction philosophies. The aim: to test the new Marangoni M-Power tyres in extreme conditions.

Below are some of the comments made by the drivers involved.

Cristiano del Balzo, Manager of the CSAI Federal School, regarding the M-Power stated: “We can say that the main feature of the Marangoni M-Power is its overall balance. By simplifying the pattern, excellent efficiency has been achieved under hard braking even in the wet, making the Marangoni M-Power effective in all conditions”.

Franz Engstler, German driver in the FIA World Touring Car Championship, concluded the track tests declaring: “I can truly say that I’ve subjected the new Marangoni tyres to a severe test on very high performance cars. I believe that Marangoni is on the right road in the UHP segment, so today I leave the track with an incredibly good impression of the M-Power’s behaviour when entering, accelerating through and exiting corners, cruising, under braking and on the straight. I can conclude that this is an excellent tyre and I have to congratulate the engineers who designed it”.

Simone Faggioli, five times Italian and twice European hill climb champion, said: “Marangoni M-Power is certainly a tyre that increases both driving pleasure, and driving safety. This achievement is something that I too am proud of, as it proves how Marangoni has managed to transfer the racing experience we have shared since 2004 to a road tyre for use on cars driven everyday”.

Finally, the remarks by Nathan Freke, a young British driver, winner of several Formula Ford championships and the Ginetta G50 Cup in 2009. “I’ve no problem in saying that I’m happy with this trial on the track, firstly because the Marangoni M-Power responded very well to the tests we carried out and held up very well over such a long and gruelling test session. Then because this tyre is highly progressive.Driving is pleasant and fun, but at the same time comfortable and silent. I feel that the M-Power is a fantastic new addition to the Marangoni range.

The Marangoni M-Power range

The Marangoni M-Power range for cars, in the initial stage, will include nine sizes, 19” and 20”, from 295/25ZR20 to 255/35 ZR 19 T.L. XL, suited to be fitted on the most modern luxury sports cars, such as the Porsche Carrera, Audi R8, S5, RS6, Lamborghini Gallardo and BMW M3.

The Marangoni M-Power range for SUVs will initially feature five sizes, 19” and 20”, from 255/50R19 to 275/40 R 20 T.L. XL, suited to be fitted on the most modern and prestigious SUVs, such as the Mercedes ML, Mercedes G Class, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport, Volvo XC90, VW Touareg, Audi Q7 and KIA Sorento.

In early 2011 the Marangoni M-Power range will be extended to include another fifteen sizes in 18” and 19’’.

Marangoni M-Power will be marketed through the Marangoni sales network starting from September 2010.

M-Power for cars

295/25 ZR 20 T.L. XL (95 Y)
265/30 ZR 19 T.L. XL (93 Y)
275/30 ZR 19 T.L. XL (96 Y)
295/30 ZR 19 T.L. XL (100Y)
255/30 ZR 20 T.L. XL (92 Y)
225/35 ZR 19 T.L. XL (88 Y)
235/35 ZR 19 T.L. XL (91 Y)
245/35 ZR 19 T.L. XL (93 Y)
255/35 ZR 19 T.L. XL (96 Y)

M-Power for SUVs

275/40 R 20 T.L. XL 106 Y
275/45 R 19 T.L. XL 108 Y
285/45 R 19 T.L. XL 111 W
275/45 R 20 T.L. XL 110 Y
255/50 R 19 T.L. XL 107 W

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