e-comm, the new Marangoni tyre for commercial vehicles

A few months after its introduction to the European market, the Marangoni e-comm – a brand new range of tyres designed by the Italian company for light commercial vehicles is now being completed. Another new product made in Italy, another important result for Marangoni.

The new e-comm tyre range has been designed by the Marangoni Research & Development centre based on the e3 technological platform, and developed with the aim of producing products that are highly ecological, with low rolling resistance and long life.
The new no-oil compounds (i.e. no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and the innovative tread pattern mean e-comm, like other products in the Marangoni range is a tyre with an “eco” heart – meaning it is ecological and economical to run. By including this technology in a light commercial range, it demonstrates just how much attention Marangoni pays to issues such as environmental sustainability and energy savings.

The strength of this new tyre is the improvement it brings to the vehicle’s dynamic efficiency, guaranteeing a limited environmental impact and rolling resistance levels that are amongst the lowest available on the market.
The results are – lower fuel consumption, higher mileage and excellent grip in the wet. These achievements follow from detailed analysis of the casing and the compounds, so as to design a tyre that can respond to the latest needs in the light transport sector.

Another benefit of the Marangoni e-comm is its “driveability” even when the vehicle is fully loaded. Marangoni e-comm is a product with a very car like driving feeling, made using a tread pattern designed with fewer blocks and an optimised sculpture layout. These characteristics make driving modern commercial vehicles particularly comfortable, silent, safe and dynamic, while at the same time allowing the power and speed of these vehicles, now not much different from cars, to be fully exploited.

The new e-comm range will respond to demand for the main sizes on the European replacement market, and can be fitted on vehicles such as the Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Nissan Primastar, Opel Movano, Peugeot Partner, Renault Trafic and VW Crafter .Marangoni e-comm is available in sixteen sizes, from 175/65R14 C. T.L. to 215/75R16 C. T.L. XL.

Marangoni e-comm range

175/65 R 14 C T.L. 6PR 90/88 T
195/65 R 16 C T.L. 8PR 104/102 T
205/65 R 16 C T.L. 8PR 107/105 T
215/65 R 16 C T.L. 8PR 109/107 T
225/65 R 16 C T.L. 8PR 112/110 R
235/65 R 16 C T.L. 10PR 121/119 R
165/70 R 14 C T.L. 6PR 89/87 R
195/70 R 15 C T.L. 8PR 104/102 R
205/70 R 15 C T.L. 8PR 106/104 R
215/70 R 15 C T.L. 8PR 109/107 S
225/70 R 15 C T.L. 8PR 112/110 S
185/75 R 16 C T.L. 8PR 104/102 R
195/75 R 16 C T.L. 8PR 107/105 T
205/75 R 16 C T.L. 10PR 113/111 R
215/75 R 16 C T.L. 8PR 113/111 R
185 R 14 C T.L. 8PR 102/100 R

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