Black Swan: positive feedback from the market

The four customers of the Italian Group which have had the machine installed expressed great satisfaction.

The Black Swan allows the cushion gum to be applied exactly and precisely on the buffed casings, filling automatically small craters and considerably enhancing the finished product quality.

Moreover, the Black Swan can be used also to make the sidewalls, both for truck and car tyres, thus offering an integrated retreading process, as confirmed by two of the plants opened so far.

“We installed the Black Swan last October”, Daniele Graci, owner of the ComVar retreading company in Northern Italy, states “since then, the quality and the appearance of our finished product have improved so much that we have been complimented by our customers. Moreover, we need less manpower because the application of the cushion gum is now automatic, and in periods of medium work load we could even save a person. It is also easier to manage the cushion gum in rolls and to cut it into the different widths needed, we have more free space in the warehouse and have eliminated cutting operations. We’ve had an outstanding saving also with the removal of cement from our process, now we use it only for craters of particular sizes.”

The Black Swan, in fact, actually allows retreading “without cement”, provided that the retreading plant operates strictly adhering to the quality requirements of the Ringtread process in relation to temperature, profiles and buffing grain, neatness of the plant, Marangoni envelopes and materials.

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