The Marangoni Group at Reifen Essen 2010

The Marangoni Group will be at Reifen Essen 2010 – one of the main international exhibitions in the tyre sector. At a time when the market is undergoing significant changes, Marangoni continues to expand its global presence.
To face these challenges, the company confirms the importance of research and innovation in its processes and technology, offering a vast and detailed range of products and services in its various business areas.

The Marangoni stand at Reifen Essen – in its now traditional place at number 235 in Hall 3 – clearly demonstrates this. The exhibition space will host a wide range of products and services that, while having their own specific image and identity, will share the common thread of research and technical innovation that define the Trento company’s offering, as well as the hospitality and ‘home feel’ that have always made its events and relations with customers all over the world remarkable.

The Car Tyre business area has been particularly active in the development of high performance tyres, and will present two new products with outstanding performance and environmental compatibility, underlining the constant progress made in research into profiles and compounds. The two new products, branded M-Power and E-Comm, expand an already wide range that includes car, SUV and light transport tyres, featuring ultra high performance and specialist winter models.

Results of research into compounds are also a determining factor in the new products presented in the Commercial & Industrial Tyres area. Standing out among these are the new large sized tyres for earthmoving machinery and the product range for industrial lift trucks, to be promoted through the Wenzel – Quick Mont® specialist network that for several months now has come to represent the company’s operational wing in Germany and the neighbouring markets.

Other important news involves the debut of the new Marix® retreaded truck tyre, developed by the Commercial & Industrial Tyres business unit to consolidate its leadership on the Italian market and to serve the European markets and segments of users where hot retreading dominates.

The Marangoni Retreading Systems business unit holds a leading position worldwide in the supply of systems and precured treads for truck tyre retreading.

Backed by the strength of its RINGTREAD® System technology using precured rings, which is increasingly widespread and recognised around the world, and its Kontur® and Profil Liner® ranges of precured tread strips, Marangoni Retreading Systems has recently developed an integrated program of products, technologies and support services for the purpose of strengthening its relationships and its image among European retreaders and, indirectly, their customers.

Previewed at Essen under the name “We Care”, the program includes a series of technical and marketing support services offered to all European retreaders interested in differentiating their offering from the competition, above all in a context where the quality and efficiency of products and processes, their environmental compatibility and conformity to new technical standards will continue to play an increasingly important role.

All this provided by Marangoni Retreading Systems, a constant point of reference and valued partner in the quality retreading sector.

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