“Zero oil” compounds and retreading: the secrets of an off-road tyre with a low environmental impact

Mobility off the road and protection of the environment are aspects that are seemingly – yet only seemingly – incompatible. Making headway in combining these needs is the new line of Marix Ecology 4×4 tyres that, as well as being retreads and consequently having a low environmental impact, are made using exclusively “zero oil” compounds, in other words made from ecological oils that leave no polluting residues on the soil. All of course without compromising on the features of grip, long life and safety that off-roaders and 4×4 drivers justly consider essential. 

Designed to satisfy the demands of people with a wide variety of needs, the new Marix Ecology 4×4 range features 9 different lines of retreads, developed for very different applications. Indeed, drivers of four-wheel drive vehicles include people who need tyres suitable for 90% off-road use (such as emergency service personnel), but also for 95% on-road use, such as SUV and crossover drivers. That’s why the first types of tyres are developed with special focus on resistance to tearing and lacerations that may occur when travelling on rough terrain, while the second guarantee high mileage and excellent traction in the wet. 
To complete an already wide product range, the Marix Ecology 4×4 product line obviously also includes winter tyres. 
All this does not mean that the cost and safety aspects have been neglected. At a time when customers are even more aware of having to spend wisely, the choice of retreaded tyres offers special value for off-roaders, too. Despite being considerably lower in price, retreads today offer quality levels that are comparable to those of new tyres. 

The Marix Ecology 4×4 retreads, manufactured and marketed by a worldwide leader in the sector, Marangoni, are TÜV certified, and approved in compliance with the ECE 108R regulation. 

One of the outstanding aspects of the Marix Ecology 4×4 range lies in that Marangoni develops and makes specific compounds for retreads used in off-road applications, and in that, in compliance with the new European standards to reduce the environmental impact of tyres, this range exclusively uses zero oil compounds. 

Marix Ecology 4×4 range, in brief 

Panther. New four seasons, studdable tread, suitable for all terrain. Good traction on wet or snow-covered surfaces. Excellent lateral stability. Non-directional tread pattern with blocks that ensures very low noise and good driving comfort. Speed rating Q, S, T (i.e. approved for up to 160, 180 and 190 km/h). 

Ghepard. HP tyre for SUVs, offering excellent comfort and maximum grip in all conditions, thanks to the use of special high performance compounds. Symmetrical tread with five ribs, designed for high performance on bitumen roads (speed ratings H and V, approved up to 210 and 240 km/h), offering grip, comfortable and silent driving, and reduced fuel consumption. 

Chasseur. Tread suitable for all terrain. Good traction on wet, muddy or snow-covered surfaces. Excellent lateral stability and floating. Non-directional pattern ideal for leisure driving on very rough ground. Speed rating Q (i.e. approved for up to 160 km/h). 

Lion. Its aggressive pattern makes it ideal for extreme off-roading. The directional tread combines a double strip of centre blocks and wide grooves on the shoulders, for optimum traction on any ground. Speed ratings Q and S, i.e. approved up to 160 and 180 km/h). 

Puma. Tyre for off-roading uses. Suitable for extreme terrain, featuring a directional pattern with prominent blocks that guarantee excellent traction in all conditions. Speed ratings Q, S, T (160, 180 and 190 km/h). 

MPC. Studdable off-road tyre, suitable for all types of use. The dense siping guarantees good traction and grip on all surfaces. The longitudinal grooves assist the drainage of both water and snow, and bring an excellent level of driving comfort and very low noise. The special thermal compound offers maximum grip even in harsh temperatures. Speed ratings S and T (up to 180 and 190 km/h). 

Ecoland Plus. 4×4 tyre suitable for all types of use. The tread pattern ensures excellent performance even on very wet and snow-covered ground, thanks to the undulated siping on the blocks that follow the transverse profile. Particularly high performance on the road. Speed ratings S and T (up to 180 and 190 km/h). 

Ecoland. Off-road tyre suitable for use on difficult terrain, while at the same time ensuring good performance on the road. The tread profile, featuring an effective empty/full ratio, guarantees excellent floating and traction on sandy and muddy surfaces. Ideal also for snow-covered ground. Speed ratings Q, S, T (160, 180 and 190 km/h). 

Cruise. Innovative tyre suitable for SUVs that ensures comfort, precision and stability in all driving situations. Like the entire range of 4×4 tyres, mainly for road use. Speed rating S, T and H (180, 190 and 210 km/h). 

NOTE: All Marix Ecology 4×4 tyres are M+S approved for winter use. The percentages shown, for example 50%-50%, indicate the specific proportions of off-road and road use.

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