Marangoni Retreading Systems confirms its leadership in Russia

The company’s participation at Tyres & Rubber 2010 was not just the chance to reaffirm its strong presence in a tricky market, but also an opportunity to meet customers.

The Russian truck market currently seems to have put behind it the bad recession of the last two years, and appears to be recovering quickly. Reliable estimates on the retreaded truck tyre sector, in the absence of official figures, show a market volume of around 150-200,000 tyres, half of which are retreaded locally and the other half imported, mainly from central and western Europe.

Marangoni Retreading Systems, operating on the Russian market for over a decade, has made significant investments, right from the outset, in developing several important local retreaders, quickly achieving good results.

At the same time, some of the leading Russian distributors of truck tyres work with our European partners to import quality retreads: purchasing both RINGTREAD, a product based on modern and advanced ring technology, and PRL, based on traditional technology.
Driving these distributors to choose Marangoni Retreading Systems is the need to identify foreigner partners who can help them grow in quality and technological terms and thus grasp the business opportunities available on the domestic market.

“RINGTREAD is well established among the main Russian operators in the business”, stated Christian Asmuth, Ellerbrock Sales Director, a Marangoni group company, “and is positioned at the top of the market as a high quality and high performance product. Growth in domestic demand for quality retreads has allowed Marangoni to develop new partner retreaders, both with RINGTREAD and traditional technology. The combination of our technology and our industrial know-how with the prestige and local coverage of our partners means we are certainly leaders in the Russian market.” 

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