Marangoni announces a further increase in prices during the second quarter of 2010

The increase will involve all tyre retreading materials, marketed through the Retreading Systems division and all the retreads marketed by the Commercial & Industrial Tyres division.
Further increases in the list prices of tyres for fork lift trucks are also possible.

“As much as Marangoni is continually committed to reducing the impact of the growing costs of raw materials, the continuation of this phenomenon – which over the last year has led to a doubling in the cost of natural rubber and a considerable increase in the cost of all petroleum derivatives – we are unfortunately forced to shift at least some of these costs to the price of our products”, declared Massimo De Alessandri, Marangoni Group CEO.

“We don’t yet know the exact amount of the increases that will be applied”, De Alessandri added, “however they will substantially be in line with those made and implemented in the first quarter of 2010 and that, in Europe, involved an around 7% rise in the selling price of our products.
Certainly we will do what we can to limit such rises to the minimum possible.
We want to maintain our traditional competitiveness in a market that is showing the first signs of recovery after the bad recession of the last two years”.

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