Marangoni Retreading Systems increases prices as of march 1st

Like all other producers Marangoni Retreading Systems has been impacted by the increases in raw materials.
In the last months, natural rubber has seen highly rise in price, overcoming the peak reached in October 2008, due to global production reduction and a rise of the demand coming from the Asian countries.
Also the cost of other raw materials has been increased equally due to the recovery of oil price.
Finally, the European industry has suffered a cost increase connected to the introduction of the law, at the beginning of 2010 that forces to use non-polyaromatic oils in the compounds production.

Despite the rise of the costs Marangoni Retreading Systems is firmly committed not to come to any compromise that could negatively affect the superior quality of its products and the reliable service Marangoni offers to the customers.

It is estimated that this increase will impact the retreaded tyre price by an average of 4 per cent.

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